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Rebel Blues

Rebel Blues plays from 9:30pm-1:30am…

Born out of a Sunday night blues jam held at a local food and drink establishment, The Rebel Blues Band filled a nook, (and a cranny, well, really, only Jesse fits in the cranny), that was left empty in the current Anchorage music scene at the time. Their goal was simple and straight-forward; to bring blues back to the forefront, and make it accessible to the general public, with an emphasis on the young masses, mainly bombarded with the rap music and the bling and such.

Gigs were played, songs were created, members were left at sea and replaced with new, willing and able shipmates. No jam was left unturned, and soon enough, The Rebel Blues band ventured out into the unknown; Seward, Homer, Denali, Fairbanks, Wasilla, Talkeetna, Seldovia, Cordova, Girdwood, Clam Gulch, Kodiak. Left in the aftermath, complete mayhem and destruction, but a chant from the newly converted towns' people; they wanted more.

Along the way, festivals were played. Successful artists such as Gary Hoey, Big Bill Morganfield, Frank Stallone, and MoonAlice were opened for, backed, and rocked with. CD's were released, and new friendships were formed.

Today, The Rebel Blues Band continues their journey, their mission, to make blues a relevant music again, and as a cornerstone of the music scene in Anchorage, scratch that, Alaska, stands ever-ready to face its' next endeavor; world domination.

So come, minions, and join us in the next musical revolution. Prepare to have your faces melted. The space/time continuum disrupted, and mass amounts of alcohol to be consumed, as The Rebel Blues Band, a blues band with a funk addiction, steers you capably into the Last Frontier.

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